Public Meeting 9th April – How is austerity the answer and is TTIP the last straw?


Invited Candidates Include
Charlotte Leslie MP (Cons), Justin Quinell (Green),
Darren Jones (Lab), Clare Campion-Smith (LibDem), Michael Frost (Ukip) Continue reading


The Greater Bristol Alliance’s Manifesto

To encourage, in the greater Bristol area, (Bristol, N. Somerset and S. Gloucestershire), co-operation between organisations which will highlight key issues regarding the introduction of TTIP, threats to the Environment, the need to protect public services and the damage to the country caused by tax avoidance particularly by multi-national corporations – (“the Issues”). The Greater Bristol Alliance is not linked to any one political party.

Manifesto Aims:

  1. To co-operate with existing campaign groups within the Greater Bristol Area on issues of common interest.
  1. To continue to monitor the treatment of the Issues and campaign for them to be included in mainstream political discourse by all elected representatives.
  1. To campaign against TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and other international trade deals which could enable corporations to take over our public services, reduce safety standards and undermine our democracy.
  1. To work with environmental groups and all progressive political parties to help resist fracking and fight against fossil fuel aggravated climate change.
  1. To work with campaign groups attempting to resolve Bristol’s housing crisis.
  1. To work with campaign groups help protect the NHS and maintain its status as a health service for all citizens of the UK, free at the point of need, funded by government and not commercialised or sold off to the private sector.