A Letter to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on the dangers of Fracking

Dear Ms Rudd,

Re: Fracking

I am writing to you on behalf of the Greater Bristol Alliance. We were dismayed to discover that when your Government passed regulations to ensure the safety of fracking you did not ban fracking in areas where water is collected. We would be grateful if you could please explain why your Government apparently concluded that the toxic chemicals used in fracking will not cause irreparable damage to drinking water supplies.

This question is of direct concern to people living in Bristol because PEDL 226 covers the area containing the reservoirs which supply the city’s water. Could you please tell us whether the Government consulted Bristol Water before issuing this licence?

We understand that licence PEDL 226 has been relinquished. Does this mean that a licence for fracking or coal bed methane extraction will not be issued in this area again?

The appalling events in Flint, Michigan, may encourage your Government to rule out the granting of PEDL licences in areas used for the collecting of water. We would appreciate it if you could please let us know how you view this public health issue.




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